Sunday, 25 December 2011

Santa Who?

Last Friday, I drove to the office to check in some things as well as to attend our gang's christmas dinner. Every year, a bunch of my friends from the office and I would get together for makan-makan and exchange gifts. Yes, I know with the condition of my ankle, I should have just skipped it. However, I really needed to complete something at the office before the end of the year and more importantly I REALLY NEEDED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

Yes, the drive to the office was a tad bisa. And my office is not really OKU friendly...but it was all totally WORTH IT! It's been awhile since I last saw my friends and co-workers and I truly missed them. My entrance in the office was greeted by questions and "alllllaaaaa" or "kesiaaannnyeeerr". I got all flustered and malu over their attention. Truly happy nonetheless. After attending to certain things at the office, my friends and I proceeded to our nearby clubhouse for the christmas dinner.

Fun, fun fun!!! We laughed and enjoyed each other's company. Thanks peeps! You guys really made my day!!!

My Laksa Johor

Doulos new huge pencil.."Dear Pengarah...For your consideration, please."...Hahah
A very happy father-to-be 
Sujen's mini fan that looks like ultraman

Thanks Aimi...totally loved my "jamban"...hahaha

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