Saturday, 17 December 2011

PRP Treatment_Round 3

Round 3 of the treatment is done, Alhamdulillah. Two more rounds to go. Doc says even after the final PRP procedure, it will take some time to heal. So, please, bear with my limited movement for awhile. The swelling and pain are still there, but clinically, the condition of my ankle has improved.

About going back to work, maybe in a few weeks time will I only be allowed to do so. According to doc, total at least 6 weeks off work! Yikkkesss!!! Even then, I would have to be dependent on crutches. At least 4 -6 months, no high heels. Come this Wednesday, I will be using another type of ankle support to facilitate the healing process.

In the meantime, I am bored at home. Slowly organising things at home, blogging, reading books, watching TV, spending more quality time with my lovely cats and recently, started to scheme some clever ways to torment a certain black and white stray tabby that keeps coming into the house compound and creating a ruckus among my kitties who are inside. Jaga YOU!!! I am gonna have a bucket of water near the window (not too heavy of course since I shouldn't be carrying heavy stuff) and simbah kat you!!! Tadi shuh shuh pun continue peeing at the front porch. GGGGrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

I do realise the pic depicts a black cat but I couldn't find one of a black and white tabby annoying me for fun
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Flats for work wear? Dah lar nanti kena pakai kaki sebelah ajer. I've worn flats to work before...they're OK but I still like my sexy high heels...

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