Sunday, 25 December 2011

Freedoooommmm???!!! Truly shortlived...haiyaaahhh

After much pestering from yours truly, Boyfie finally gave in yesterday and brought me out for some quality dating time, other than just the time usually spent from him accompanying me to my PRP treatments and nearby shops. Destination? At first we wanted to go to Pavilion but with the heavy traffic heading there and their parking bursting with cars, we went to KLCC instead with a pitstop at Delicious for lunch.

Boyfie's Banana Strawberry Chocolate Shake was delisshhh...
Lunch anyone?
How was my excursion to KLCC? Well, on the positive side, I was happy to finally be out of the house. The rest sum it up..BIG MISTAKE!!! Their wheelchairs were all out that day. I had to go around and squeeze myself through the crowd using my crutches. The floor was rather slippery at certain spots and I almost fell. Twice I got my crutches kicked and on three occasions I almost got my right foot i.e the injured one stepped on. As I was too tired going around with my crutches, I didn't have a chance to go shop for some new clothes or shoes. Everything is on sale and I will miss them all. I was not able to enjoy my outing at all!!! I would have gone to the malls on a weekday where the crowd is smaller and the chance for me to get a wheelchair is better, but Boyfie can't take leave and weekends are his only free time. I've contemplated going solo but what if when I get to the chosen shopping mall, they are all out of wheelchairs? Then there would be nobody to help me carry my things and I'd just have to turn back after wasting much time, petrol and parking money.

At the end of the day, I ended up with an even more swollen ankle (this was because certain circumstances during my outing necessitated me walking on my own two feet). Bad enough that it was difficult for me to even take out my ankle support to wash my feet when I arrived home late last night. I had to sleep with an ice pack on my right foot. Serves me right cos' GATAL sangat nak berjalan.

Today, even after Boyfie tempted me with the idea of going to Pavi with his cousins from KB and us trying very very hard to find a wheelchair, I just had to give it a miss...Sedeeeeey sangat...but I just can't risk it. Plus, I didn't want to kill their fun by slowing them down. time perhaps I can jalan-jalan more with you guys... Have fun!

Some tabloids purchased yesterday to keep me company on this lovely Sunday
Lucy and Lola eager to keep me company
Mango lazing nearby


  1. Cheeky Kitty,
    Thanks for following us...and we're leaving our marks spraying there, Brad. Sorry, I have rowdy brofurs and sisfurs... purrr...meow!

  2. hehehe..
    Tumpang lalu sikit boleh..
    I knew you'd ultimately come here.
    The cats here are absolutely fun and friendly!
    I-am-Cheeky Kitty first brought Hiro home.
    From then on, there was no turning back.
    The Kuantan geng fell in love with your brofurs and sisfurs.
    The brood at KD are all Hiro's beautiful grown-up kits!So very2 adorable!
    Libby their mommy is now staying with our purries in Kuantan...meeooww!
    Hiro and Stewie are already neutred.
    So is Libby.

    Thanks for the space I-am-Cheeky Kitty..hope your tendon injury is recovering very well.
    Happy New Year 2012! :))

  3. Tiap kali pandang photo LV I rasa nak nangis..