Saturday, 31 December 2011

PRP Treatment_Round 4

Apologies for the late posting...I had my fourth PRP treatment last Tuesday, 27 December 2011. OMG, as usual...PAINFUL AS HELL!!! Again, I ended up crying...Boyfie was awesome sticking by me in the room. The Doc was awesome too...very patient...and has a very good sense of humour...he always manages to make me laugh after every painful ordeal.

You would think that by now I am used to the pain and can handle it better. Well, let me pose this question..specifically to men reading my current posting...If I kick you in the balls for the first time, and then I kick you again in the family jewels for the second time, are you saying that you can handle the pain better??? I think NOTTTT!!!!

One more round to go...NEXT TUESDAY, 3 January 2012. Even after the last round, I will still need to be on crutches.

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