Friday, 2 December 2011

Sarawak_4-7 Nov 2011: Day 3

The day proved to be a fairly relaxing one. After a hefty buffet breakfast (the spread in Grand Margherita was aweeeesoommee by the way!), we made our way to Pasar Satok. The aim was mainly to purchase ikan terubok masin and telur terubok masin. I was also looking for belacan Brunei due to raved reviews on how it's so good you can eat it with rice but couldn't find any. There's also a section where rows of stalls sell "I love Kuching" t-hirts and other handicrafts and cute souvenirs.

As it rained very heavily from afternoon onwards, our initial plan to tour the city by foot was ditched. While M* wandered to the connecting nearby mall, Aimi and I decided to just chill in our room, order room service and book our spa treatments for 6 p.m.

Before my spa, M* and I decided to brave through the heavy rain and jalan-jalan at the river bazaar. Here, you'll find more souvenirs, Sarawakian tit-bits such as tebaloi (which are cookies made from sago), Sarawakian pepper products ranging from pepper candy to pepper mix marinade, and other handicrafts.

Tips of the day:

  • In buying souvenirs such as fridge magnets and keychains, I personally find that those in Pasar Satok offers better bargains. However, in terms of buying T-shirts, you can do what I did and pick a few from the Pasar and buy more at the Bazaar.
  • Do not go for the spa treatments in Grand Margherita. May look good on pamphlets but good gawd, sux big time! 
  • Nov-Dec is monsoon season in Sarawak, so bring a poncho or a small umbrella with you at all times.


  1. Macam ni you boleh jadi macam traveller yang boleh document your travels..
    If any TV station wants to have that Lonely Planet kind of program, you're definitely the best candidate to fit the bill.
    Simple, honest and very down to frills and expensive many people can feel that it's not that expensive to travel and be a tourist once in a while..

  2. Thank you Mamasita! Yeah, to be a travel expert has always been a dream of mine. Until that rezeki tercapai, I'm just having fun touring wherever my purse can take me and giving tips to regular people...:)