Friday, 2 December 2011

The Apartment

While I am forced to stay put and be princessy to recover, I've watched many TV shows and soaps on TV. Apart from Korean soaps, travel and food shows, my recent fave is The Apartment- The Ultimate Dream Home Challenge. It's a DIY showdown with a prize that test three couples' creativity, ability and sanity, to become the proud owner of a luxury Sime Darby Quarza condo. The show airs every Thursday, at 8 p.m. with repeats on Friday, 12 p.m.

Thus far I've watched two episodes and have enjoyed it immensely. I'm definitely on Syed and Rodrigo's team. Go Team Syed and Rodrigo!!! Yaaaaayyyy!!!

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know of that programme..nanti I tengok..Malaysia dah ada this sort of programmes?
    Wow..I'm so proud of our Malaysian TV.
    Dah advanced jugak..