Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hugs, kisses, tupperware and more

Being that my birthday falls on a Saturday this year and in the holy month too, I've received many advanced birthday wishes from friends and colleagues. Makan-makan sessions are not easily scheduled unless for berbuka. Most prefer breaking their fast with respective families at home...and I'm one of em'.

Apart from the customary birthday greetings and cards which I totally adore and grateful for, suprisingly I had received gifts too. Gift cards, tupperware, hugs, orders to schedule a berbuka-birthday session next week in my diary and more.

I've also received some on-time birthday wishes at 12 tadi from both my younger sisters. Boyfie called to sing me a birthday song too. Boyfie, you must thank my sisters because they were strict in making sure I only unwrap your gift at 12 on the dot.

Thank you all. I truly appreciate it. I honestly thought my 30th would be a somber one. A few days ago the nurse at my doctor's had to remind me that my birthday is Doiiihhh...

Ohemgeeee...I am THIRTY you guys...


Thank you so much office-mateys...Now I can fill it up with loads of raya cookies...there goes my diet...maybe I'll fill it up with carrot sticks instead
Seeee??? Dah nak tido baru boleh bukak pressie
Courtesy of Boyfie

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Today was the day Jovian's second batch is out. So naturally I wait with the rest to try and get my orange Jova which I've been eyeing for ages.

Ohemmgeeeee...the crowd was a tad nasty today. I was among the lucky few who managed to get to the front and grab a Jova. Unfortunately I had to endure the crowd's non-stop pushing from the back. I wasn't the only one. The other girl next to me sampai terduduk atas the shelf. I would have been in the same position if not for my bummed ankle. Somebody got too excited and did yank my long hair though. My injured foot is a bit swollen from being stepped on. Arghhhhh...

All not for naught though. I came away with the Jova I wanted as well as the white Janelle. The pink one tak sempat tengok pun.

I don't think I can endure another round. Now I know how Simba felt like in the midst of the wildebeests stampede.

Not many pictures today. Sorry...

Crowd in the early Sunday PUASA morning
The beadings on Jova's shoulder

Friday, 20 July 2012

Great news for pet lovers!

I've always wondered when Malaysia will ever have the technology or operations of countries such as the US and the UK to monitor the safety of our pets. I guess it has finally reached our shores. Now pet owners can register their furry loved ones for a passport and plant a chip to monitor their whereabouts.

The price for passport registration is reasonable. Let's see how much a chip would cost.

Refer to the Star link for further details:

Pets can now get passports and chips from Veterinary Dept - Nation | The Star Online

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Muslims begin fasting on Saturday - Nation | The Star Online

Alhamdulillah Ramadhan will begin this Saturday. I hope all of you have made the necessary preparations for puasa. Mentally and physically to abstain and refrain...and be patient of course. For those yang agak-agak akan still be on the road on the way back for berbuka, pack some kurma so that you can break your fast in the car. Weekdays will be busy for most so freeze-pack your lauk in advance untuk menyenangkan berbuka. Also, be safe in purchasing food from Ramadhan stalls. Happy bertarawikh and banyak-banyakkan amalan di bulan mulia ini.

Muslims begin fasting on Saturday - Nation | The Star Online

I wish you all Selamat Berpuasa.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So sedey already. Rather than have the luxury of checking out Jovian's second batch tomorrow, have to wait for another three days...

Update: I'm sharing information with my potential competitors here but here's a crucial piece of info from Jovian he updated on FB

"Salam, Hope this answer everyone's questions :) AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT :
Yes, Jovian by JM will be released in few batch. 2nd Batch will be released on the 22nd of July ; ZALORA, FirstLady Boutiques Jalan TAR, SHAH ALAM, MALACCA, PENANG, & JB.
3rd Batch will be on the 29th of July. Which designs comes in which batch will not be informed. We want to keep on surprising you ;) 
Keep on following us here for latest update! Have a pleasant evening everyone."

I'm currently obsessed with his ready-to-wear line. Dunno how many baju rayas I'll be having this year...

I want this one
Ohh..maybe this one...
Nak juagaaakkk!

One fine day, in an anonymous group therapy session.." Hello everyone. My name is cheeky-kitty...and I can't stop buying Jovian's ready-to-wear line..."


Monday, 16 July 2012

Telur goyang?

"Sorry, but what are you having?"
"Haha...I know it sounds obscene, but it 's called telur goyang"

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Stewie Kawaaaiii

He's soooo big now and such an attention-whore. Love him to bits with his 'berlemak' meow.


Received response from Jovian via fb. The orange one with zig zag bottoms will be out on the 19th. Jom seround lagi?

GIRLS, are you up for it?

A little note from Jovian Mandagie

Girls, I forgot to mention in my earlier post that with every purchase of Jovian's ready to wear line, there will be a cute note from Jovian conveying his thanks to those who purchased any one from his line.

Instant baju raya? SETTLED...Courtesy of Jovian Mandagie has been awhile since I was in the midst of such a crowd. The last one was years back when I was queing up in the wee hours for the final Harry Potter book.

I've been antsy waiting for Jovian's ready to wear line and I'm glad he didn't dissappoint. I'm so happy with my purchases and did all I can from refraining buying whatever my hands can grab off the rack. So, girls, get your credit cards out and your man i.e. bag carrier/butler and emergency banker, and go get yourself a Jovian!

p.s. Received strong objection from Boyfie to wear them before raya. Forced to wait. Uwaaaaa!

All the benches at the front were taken. All waiting for the store to open. And me today without  my walking stick...pffttt...
The crowd outside First Lady Jalan TAR
Less than 10 minutes, all swiped clean


Friday, 13 July 2012


Found this old picture of Stewie and Jojo during their kitty days...Kawaiiiiiii

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Room for flexibility required

Today I was the Master of Ceremony (MC) for an event at the work place. No worries for me. No butterflies in my stomach and what not. This is my second time being the MC for the event. So it was definitely better than the first time round...

Overall it went well. I was on top of the flow of things i.e. the schedule of the event, preparation of the emcee script, how to conduct myself, etc. There were minor glitches to which brought me to the point of my posting today.

In my script, I planned every detail including detailing who will be receiving the awards, in which order, etc.I even printed out in bigger fonts and one-sided pages to ease my reference when standing out there in the crowd. It was half an hour before the event I was informed that one of the recipients will not be attending. So of course naturally I just blacked out the recipient's name (truly took my pen and started crossing wildly on the recipient's name so that I won't mistakenly mention the person's name) from my list. 10 minutes before the event, it was then communicated that the person will NOW be attending the ceremony. Okaaaayyyyy...the problem is that I've totally inked the recipient's name out from the list. I was afraid of the risk that when standing up in front of the podium and going through the motion, I'd missed calling out the recipient's name. Well, that did happen despite me ticking next to the recipient's name. Ayoyoooo...Oh well, lalalaa, apologise, move on and don't stop.

Looking back, I should have left room to accommodate such changes during the event. Also, to better manage any new information given at the last minute and DURING the event. I was striving to be such a perfectionist that I was not flexible. Lesson learnt and for those who wish to emcee or will be one in the near future, take heed to my point today.

Either way, I had an enjoyable time doing it and would love to MC again! 

p.s. For those who were curious on how I could be appointed as MC despite walking around in the office with a stick and in my Ipanema slippers to boot, well, today was THE first day I actually wore shoes again (flats of course), JUST for today's event. My walking stick? I hid it behind a wall and just walked without it in that short distance within the hall.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Baju raya oh baju raya...

The fasting month is upon us. It's the time for last minute 'puasa ganti' and preparing for eid. This includes sending your clothing material to your favourite tailor. Unfortunately, my tailor's quota is already full and so it looks like I have to get some 'instant' baju raya this year.

Coincidentally, heard about Rizalman's new ready-made one-off clothing line with Tesco. Checked the collection online and got good reviews on it. In fact, since it's launch on Saturday 7 July 2012, the collection has been flying off the racks. Due to risking not able to get my hands on them, I immediately called Tesco Mutiara Damansara to check whether there are still left. I was in luck and immediately rushed to Tesco after work, through the Monday jam and the evening rain. Sorry to say the collection was not to my liking. Lycra-made baju kurung, baju kebaya and baju kedah do not suit me well. I don't intend to dissuade anybody as to each her own preference. Please do go check it out.

It looks like it's back to square one on hunting for my instant baju-kurung. Jovian Mandagie is launching his ready to wear clothing online and selected First Lady outlets this Sunday, 15 July 2012. Other options is to go to Poya, Cengkih and other independent stalls in Ampang Park. I'll try my luck there!
What are your plans and preps for Ramadhan and Syawal. Story-story please...