Sunday, 15 July 2012

Instant baju raya? SETTLED...Courtesy of Jovian Mandagie has been awhile since I was in the midst of such a crowd. The last one was years back when I was queing up in the wee hours for the final Harry Potter book.

I've been antsy waiting for Jovian's ready to wear line and I'm glad he didn't dissappoint. I'm so happy with my purchases and did all I can from refraining buying whatever my hands can grab off the rack. So, girls, get your credit cards out and your man i.e. bag carrier/butler and emergency banker, and go get yourself a Jovian!

p.s. Received strong objection from Boyfie to wear them before raya. Forced to wait. Uwaaaaa!

All the benches at the front were taken. All waiting for the store to open. And me today without  my walking stick...pffttt...
The crowd outside First Lady Jalan TAR
Less than 10 minutes, all swiped clean


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