Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I need some space

Years ago, I "met" Peter Walsh in one of Oprah's segments. Let's just say I totally agree with his decluttering ways and how it can have a big impact on a person's life. Decluttering does not only makes it easier to organise things in your home or brightens and lightens the "air", so to speak, but it can also affect the person emotionally.

In many of Peter Walsh's decluttering efforts, I noticed that people in his show will often experience difficulty and display emotional affection when sorting things into the different bins e.g. things to keep, give away to charity or simply to throw away. It's amazing but I guess all of us can relate to having some sort of difficulty of letting go of things we love.

However, always, after the sorting and decluttering process, the people seem happier and less burdened with all the stuff they've been hogging throughout the year.

In my case, I love decluttering. My mum instilled among myself and my siblings on the importance of "spring cleaning" our collection of toys and clothes etc.  However, this year I intend to declutter differently. How?

Well, I thought of giving a try.

To my readers out there, do visit and see what I have prepared to offer. I am letting go many of my pre-loved, not-so-old clothes or clothes I think I can't fit anymore. My old Jovian Mandagie's, Gap and Next winter clothing, M&S dresses, TM Lewin blouses etc. Prices range from RM10- RM200. Clothes sold and indicated as J Closet are basically from my own wardrobe.

Also included for items to be sold are boxes of wedding doorgifts. From the 1000 pieces of doorgifts I ordered for my wedding last year, I have some balance of which I'd rather sell off at a much cheaper price.


For the sake of space.'s time... buy me reclaim some space...!