Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Thank you boyfieeee!!!

Dear Boyfie,

Thank you sooo much for sticking through with my plans today. I know you could have better spent it resting at home today. Honestly, I did not expect the jam in Pavi to be so massive. Would have suggested another day to go there instead...

On the plus side, I got my Parkson Elite card reissued. Thank God I did it today cos' it will take them a month to transfer all the points I had from my old lost card. So, by the final week of December, I can use all the rebate to shop for my shoes...woot woot!!!My sister, B* better come down to KL soon for our annual end-of-the-year shoe shopping extravaganza!!! Hahah. By the way, B*, I saw some awesome ones tadi....can't wait!!! They also informed me to make sure that next July, to spend at least RM100 in a single receipt and bring it to the customer service counter to redeem 5000 birthday points. WHAAATTT??? I didn't even know about that and I've been a Parkson Elite member for agessss...

Oh, and I also got some vouchers from my Bonuslink points. Arghhh, I remember I skipped the timeline to redeem it the last time. So sayaaaaanggg!!! The nice guy at the customer service counter reminded me to make sure I come at least every three years to redeem at least for cash vouchers from my Bonuslink points...if not, the points will automatically burnnn... :(

On another note, to all my Hindu friends out there, may you and your family have a wonderful and happy Deepavali!!!

Putting up a photo of me taken this year in my red saree in conjuction with the Diwali celebrations :). Hope I did justice to my beautiful red saree...


  1. You look so beautiful in your red saree..hehehe

  2. Thanks Ma! Thinking of wearing it again for my Annual Dinner this year... :)