Monday, 10 October 2011

Lazy Sunday...

Bliss...lovely sunday afternoon (2'ish), rolling in bed, stumbling on sites, catching up on FB, watching animes...

*Special ringtone for boyfie*

ME: Hi sayang...

Boyfie: Buat aper? Marilar pergi BERCHINTAAA!!! (i.e. lets go out and jalan-jalan)

ME: Okay...when?

Boyfie: Now?

ME: WHAAATTT??? I blom mandiiii!!!

Boyfie: Well, I nak dekat sampai...I give you 15 minutes to siap...3 o'clock I sampai...

ME: OMG!!! (Rambles on and on about how much limited time I have to shower and look nice etc...)

Boyfie: I dah dekat dah nih....cepat, cepatssss!!! DO FASSTT !!!(to add to my annoyance cos' he knows I don't like it when he intentionally uses broken english)

ME in shower rushing, applying shampoo etc, while imagining the many different ways one could torture her of those medieval torture table thingy would come in reaaaalll handy...

LESSON: BOYS, GIVE YOUR GIRLS AMPLE TIME TO LOOK HOT FOR YOU...or she might just start investing in torturing equipments/devices.

                          Cake and Ice-blended to calm my cheeky-kitty lady nerves

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of your young, interesting and cheeky blog. Do update regularly. This auntie will definitely follow. Take care.