Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Battle of the BULGE...Suggestions please?

Looking back since late last month, I have been receiving many MANY signs on me having to pay urgent attention to my recent rapid weight gain. Among those signs occurred sometime early this month, whereby a co-worker at a workplace who hasn't bumped into me lately asked whether I was pregnant... *________*. Woman...I am not even married yet. To most, that kind of statement would most likely send them running to the gym or spend thousands to enter a slimming program. Believe it or not, the shock was only temporary to my system. I went on doing nothing.

Boyfie had also made many cheeky comments about it lately but as usual I brushed it off as our usual couple's banter (the message should have definitely sunk in by now, but NOOOOO). Finally, this morning's latest picture of me being posted on FB was certainly enough to make me cringe...and just gave that much NEEDED WHOPPER OF A SLAP to my face...I NEED TO DO SOMETHING A.S.A.P!!!

My tummy kinda looks like a burger right now...maybe a Big Mac...

Yes, weight issues have always been a bane to us women. And girls, don't dare tell me you never gave a hoots about your weight. Culture, ads, peer pressure, cases of obesity being posted here and there for awareness and the need to please (be it yourself or others) have certainly made us all, men and women, think of health. And health is definitely very much closely related to how much one should ideally weigh in line with their age, height, etc.

Kudos to those whom have embrace their curves and those who are happy with their current weight. In my case, I am not among those in either categories... YET.

My preference? To achieve my ideal weight and in order to do that, I have to shed the kilos a.s.a.p.

Question now...where and how do I begin? What options are out there? I've joined the gym before, and that turned out to be a disaster. Waste of money at that end. I have definitely lost faith in gyms...Running? OMG, boring!!! me out here...yeah, no pain no gain...but who says anything about not having fun while you exercise? In my opinion, if you know you are the type who gets bored easily, the exercise regime you opt must definitely match your interests or else you'd fall halfway. Dieting? I've detox once...that was painful. Definitely worked but the regime didn't last. Small portions? Re-attempting it again, but not producing the effect wanted fast enough. Drink water mixed with apple cider every time after eating? Tried it and again it didn't last. Three quarters of the bottle of apple cider is still standing in my fridge.

To lose weight was one of my 2011 new year resolutions and so far, that resolution has not gone well. Two and a half months before 2012, with 14 kilos yet to lose. OMG!!! I've gained sooo much this year...

I'd welcome any suggestions on new ways to have fun and at the same time not as costly to shed the kilos...Perhaps, you can share your experiences in battling the bulge? How has it changed your life? Or maybe, you can challenge me to a custom-designed regime for the remaining months and I'll take up the said challenge?

I leave this post with a quote by Albert Einstein..."Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."...Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want something different alrite!!!


  1. Cut of carbo, excercise more, be happy. being stressful does no help in reducing weight. that I learnt -subconsciously we tend to over eat. A colleague of mine recently tried a diet system from australia/new zealand. everyone is turning around to see who is that new teacher on the corridor. i think it is called HG or stg like that. will find out and let you the meanwhile go slow and have fun while dieting

  2. Ohhh...please do share...looking forward to hear from you...

    I am new to this blogging thingy, wish I knew how to put a countdown timer to remind me of the days till my three months to lose weight is up...

    wish me all the best and to persevere in my aim!!! Thanks Ms Sathi!!!