Sunday, 23 October 2011

Foodie venture_ KB 2011

Before Aimi and I made our way to KB, we made a pact that any food orders we make in KB, we will share it by quarters or half...Let's just say that the pact flew out the window the moment the dishes were presented at the dining tables...Attempts to control our appetites were completely thwarted by the delicious aroma of what Kelantan is famous for...

Warung Cikgu
Famous for its nasi ulam. It's basically your white rice served with good homely malay dishes and plenty of ulams (raw veges) to eat. We didn't try the ikan keli despite anak Cikgu telling us to do so many times...the reason being we already have so much on our table, and we didn't want to waste food...besides, have to have some room for later too...

Murtabak Di Raja
A definite visit and must buy when you're in KB. They also sell a variety of home-made Kelantan delicacies.

Pantai Cahaya Bulan (formerly known as Pantai Cinta Berahi) [PCB]
On the way to PCB, there are stalls selling snacks such as pisang goreng, kacang rebus and jagung kukus/bakar/rebus. Don't miss the opportunity to stop by the stalls if you're feeling peckish on the way to PCB.

Enjoying my jagung while AF* looks on
Yati Ayam Percik
Be sure not to miss the ayam percik from this foodie spot. Eat it with nasi kerabu and other local dishes...nyummmmsss


  1. dearie you make me drooling all those kuihs and food...miss the delicasies usually available during Ramadahan bazaar at Kuantan Stadium....Keep blogging and be happy. Luv Varsha's Mum (Varsha is Banun's GF from SABS)