Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mai kecek Kelateeeee... J's 20 survival tips in KB!

Our trip to Kota Bharu, Kelantan was simply AWESOME! It took awhile for me to figure out on how to best elaborate on our weekend trip to KB. Later, you can read all about the highlights of my weekend trip with the gals. But before that, let me start by imparting my own personal tips for all my readers in ensuring a good and enjoyable trip:

  1. Don't forget to bring your camera!!! A number one MUST for all your trips;
  2. If possible, FLY to Kota Bharu (KB). Yeah, a bit pricy but wouldn't you rather have more time spent touring KB rather than spending 7 hours on the road? (Boyfie says it's actually 4 hours on the road from KL, but I don't believe him. Many had attest to the looooong hours they had to spend on the road and eventually spoiled their moods upon arrival in KB);
  3. If you do decide to fly to KB, make sure to get a good rental. Getting around KB is not easy. The airport is only 15 minutes drive to the city centre but they wouldn't have any qualms on charging you RM50 for it!
  4. Have a list of places and things you would like to do and visit. Do create an actual itinerary. Boyfie actually commented on ours since I was in charge of drafting it..."Macam nak berperang!!!"...Well, yeah, but leave room for flexibility. The itinerary is used as guidance and to keep you focus. Don't be upset if you can't meet all your initial plans. Don't be so regimented that you spoil the fun for all those with you.
  5. Wear your best flats or sandals!!! You wouldn't want to be in pain while touring around KB.
  6. Use the people trail i.e. find out if any of your acquaintances know anybody local from KB. It could be a friend's friend's friend or aunt or uncle. Give them a call and find out if they're willing to give you a personal tour or some home grown tips on touring KB. You'd discover a new friend by doing so too! In my case, I was lucky that boyfie's cousin was more than happy to bring us around KB.
  7. If you do manage to get in touch with a KB local, it would be very much to your advantage especially when shopping...the price given to a KB local is slightly cheaper than your average tourist.
  8. The drinks in Kelantan are generally very make sure you ask for "kurang manis...or teh'o's..." in your order. Girls, dehydration is your enemy so don't forget to include a bottle of mineral water in your handbag.
  9. Choose a strategically located hotel. For us girls, we were not used to the conditions of their public with the hotel being near to all our ventures, it became handy in catering to all our lady-needs...hihihi;
  10. Learn to speak telo-Kelate. A definite must!!! And you'd enjoy it. Hahahah...My friends and I laughed our heads off with our attempts to blend in. To quote one of the passengers in our flight to KB, "It's soooo obvious you all orang KL!" 
  11. Spot the Jawi writings on all the signages...It was plenty of fun... For us Muslim's, it's a fun way to brush up on your Jawi. In my case, it reminded me so much of my late grandmother and sent many thanks to my arwah nenek for teaching her cute cucu (MOI' of course!) to read Jawi from the Jawi newspapers she always bought during our usual visits to her house. Maybe I can start that habit with my children one day when I have my own family.
  12. Make sure you wear appropriate clothes. Bear in mind that Kelantan in general is under the Tok Guru's  teachings, so sexy clothes are not really tolerated. We didn't have to wear the hijabs or anything like that...but don't go around wearing shorts and revealing clothes. When in Kelantan, do like the Kelantanese...
  13. Come with an open mind...don't be a party pooper...
  14. Have plenty of room for some love in your makan whoooooooaaa....
  15. Bring your Gaviscon or Zellox (indigestion meds)...oh no, don't get me wrong...the food was clean and excellent, it's just that like me, I got over-excited and ate WAAAAY too much...dah macam-macam dalam perut...perut pun berparty laaaarrr;
  16. Bring lots of'd be googly-eyed/cross-eyed/ head turning left and right non-stop from all that choices you'd have to make in shopping for batiks and kaftans. On the flipside, if you're on a budget, I'd say bring around RM500 so that you can at least shop for some kaftans, batiks, souvenirs, etc. and not feel deprived;
  17. Beware of pickpockets...such cases are not rampant in KB...but like any other touristy spots, you have to be vigilant and take care.
  18. Have Dettol wipes or hand sanitizers in your comes in handy after sampling foods etc.
  19. Put your glam on and wear sexy shades or a big hat while you're in KB!!! A girl can never look too fab whilst having fun being the JAKUN tourist on the trip!!!
  20. And finally...HAVE FUNN!!!
My breakfast...have to have lots of room for the food I'll be eating in KB
The gals and I excited over our trip to KB
AF* going through our itinerary at the hotel
The 150% sweetest Milo Ais ..even after I specifically said "Kurang manis"
Air Asia gents...proof that chivalry is not dead! They offered me a seat while waiting for my gals at our designated meeting point...and they were friendly to boot!!!

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