Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 2: Twas' alllll good...until i started to tempt myself

The evening session was just as good...again, didn't sweat as much as I wanted...but I did get that nice exercise afterglow...Didn't even feel hungry...until...BAMMM, about one and a half hours later...

Got home after minor grocery shopping after the session, took in the groceries, sat down, then walked to the dinner table..."Oh, ok, I guess I can have a bit of rice..and fish..and sum veges...". Urrghhh, big mistake! It was all good until I decided to have a second helping of that bit of rice...Without realising it, I was suffering from what one would call the 'licensing effect". I heard that this kind of behaviour is usually depicted among your average everyday consumers...when you've done something good, you decide you can do something naughty. For example, youe'v had a very VERY productive day, so you make a trip to the shopping mall with the idea of shopping for one item only and sticking to your budget. However, thinking that it's ok to splurge since you did good, you decide to abandon the original idea.

In my case, I guess I told myself I had a good session, so why not I eat and I can burn them off in next week's session anyways. Gurls, beware of this behaviour. It will lead you nowhere and you'll end up as you are with no changes as planned from your new exercise regime. I definitely have to be more responsible in my eating habits. It's soooo hard!!!

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