Monday, 24 October 2011

A shopping guide in KB_ Pasar Siti Khadijah vs Wakaf Che Yeh vs Bazar Buluh Kubu

Us girls really went wild for batiks and kaftans while in KB. Definitely I would recommend for tourists to visit all the three famous places mentioned. However, my personal take, and my friends agree on this as well, is that if you're looking for a nice collection of batiks and kaftans and that you are really REALLY super short of time such as only in KB for a day or even half a day only, then Wakaf Che Yeh or Bazar Buluh should be your place to shop.

Pasar Siti Khadijah
In Pasar Siti Khadijah, you'd find all the raw fresh produce, other locally-produced delicacies such as budu, serunding and a variety of keropoks, as well as your batiks and kaftans ( the ones sold here in Pasar Khadijah are mainly those kaftans you wear to bed). Here, I find that Pasar Siti Khadijah is a good place to start for Kelantan first-timers which offers you an idea on what is the average pricing range for batiks and kaftans out here in KB. 

The serunding daging kampung is a definite must try

The famous Pasar Siti Khadijah shot

Wakaf Che Yeh
Its basically a night market and a not-to-be missed shopping spot. A variety of beautiful batiks and kaftans can be found here. Pricing range wise, it's similar to those in Pasar Siti Khadjah, except that things that you might find expensive in Pasar Siti Khadijah, you can find it cheaper here. The same principle applies vice-versa.

Till today, I regret not splurging on the batik I wanted... :( [the black one, bottom row, third from the left...isn't it divine?]

Bazar Buluh Kubu
Here is the place you'd find more batiks, jubahs and kaftans (those you wear to bed and those you'd wear to functions). They're all gorgeous. I found three kaftans that I liked but all were senteng i.e. too short for me...uwaaaaa!!!

Hasil hari kedua...yeah, BORONG BORONG!!!

My four main tips in shopping in KB:
  1. Know and identify what you want to buy...if you're on a budget, this would definitely help in limiting your urge to splurge;
  2. If you enter a shop whereby pictures of the owners with celebrities are displayed, you can expect the price for the batiks, jubahs and kaftans to be sold there be increased much MUCH higher. For instance, I once entered such shop where the kaftans were sold double the price compared to the ones you can get from any usual shop. Unless it's really super pretty and you know you can't live without it, move on. Other shops can offer better deals. Believe me...;
  3. When looking for kaftans i.e. the ones you wear to sleep and those you want to wear to weddings or functions, measure them against your height. Don't simply buy them. I find many of them could not cater to my height despite the very nice designs and no issues with size. :(;
  4. Finally, bring cash. Plenty of it! In Bazar Buluh, they do have debit card services but they much prefer dealing with cash.

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