Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Weekend Getaway - Hong Kong, Day 1

Husbie had been away for a week for a course in Shenzen, China. At the start of the week, the "Holiday" theme song repeated itself in my head. As the week progressed, the tune waned and I was beginning to hate sleeping with the lights on at night...rindu lar jugak tewwwww...

So, as planned, we decided to meet up in Hong Kong for a mini holiday for some quality time.

My plane in the background
Taking the early flight out so as to have more time to spend in HK, Husbie coincided his arrival in HK so that he can pick me up at the airport. Ain't that sweet? 

While waiting for my flight, took some videos and sent them via watsapp to Husbie.

"Penuhnyeeer muka!!! Husbie away makan best-best ker?"

- _____ -"

First sighting of HK
Hello Hong Kong!
Yay! Husbie Wifey UNITE!
So at the gate, Husbie was happily waiving about so that his wife would not miss him! I was super happy to see him happy to see me too...so all this rindu tahap gediks is not one sided...hihihi...

We made our way to our hotel via the MTR. Seriously damn convenient. That was how we got around in HK most of the time. We opted for Holiday Inn, Nathan Road. Usually as far as I am aware, Holiday Inn has a bit of a dodgy reputation in terms of service but with HK's there have been many good reviews. We too found out later that apart from the hotel being super convenient in terms of location, their service is superb.

Our free up-grade...YAY!
Sampai-sampai makan kat sini...makan kat mana?
SYED BISTRO...ubatkan rindu dan kempunan makanan Malaysia SOMEBODY! Memang triple the price of what we get in KL.
The Hotel was nice enough to welcome us two lovebirds with cheesecake, strawberries and cream and chocs. At first they included champagne but since we don't drink, they switched it with chocs.
See how thick the cheese is???!!! Nyumsss

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