Monday, 22 June 2015

A Closeted Romantic

I think men in general prefer to maintain this 'mucho macho'/'romance is dead' persona.

In my case, I must give thanks Husbie is, at most times, a romantic but there are times, a well deserved pinch is in order.

So, we paid a visit to the nearby clinic last night. One of the questions by the doctor was how long have we been married.

"One yeaaarrr...."(looks at Husbie)

"One year six months!" (Husbie)

"Eh, yer ker?"

"What do you mean 'eh, yer ker'?"

Muahahahaha. Sajer testing. Not bad, Husbie actually remembers all these special dates. However, to be honest, it should have been "One year SEVEN months" sayang...

Just sayin'... :p

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