Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Good Start to Ramadhan

Ramadhan is here again. Alhamdulillah, our second Ramadhan together as husband and wife.

Pre-Ramadhan evening, I was already stressful figuring out how to best manage my time with work, cooking dinner on time for berbuka for both Husbie and I and making the best out of of my Ramadhan. 

Husbie surprised me at work with the intention to take me home early. Unfortunately, I was still tied up with work when he got to my workplace. He actually came to my work place with boxes of medjool dates.  One of them was for my clerk. So nice and thoughtful of him.

This dates give away continued at home. We went around to our neighbours to give away boxes of dates. I must admit, I tak terpikir pun nak buat macam tu to start off our Ramadhan. I'm so glad he did though and I must admit it is a nice way to start off our second Ramadhan together.

Selamat berpuasa everyone! Ramadhan Kareem.

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