Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hong Kong- Day 3; Check Out

Still aching from the day before but I had to toughen up for the sake of not ruining our brief weekend away together.

It was our last day in HK. Our flight back to KL was scheduled at night and we were due to check out late in the evening. Plenty of time to do some last minute jalan-jalaning and shopping.

But first, BREAKIE! Most important meal of the day...YAY!

There were some pics in front of the Bistro but muka masing-masing penuh and up-close, so tak jadi nak include in my post.

Together at the main chandelier in front of the bistro.

Picture courtesy of dear Husbie. Husbie was being cheeky at breakfast and wouldn't stop teasing me. Hmpphhh... 

After breakfast, we made our way along Nathan Road for some last minute shopping. First stop, Sogo. We tried to buy something for our dads here but couldn't find anything suitable. So we went back to the Icon Mall near our hotel.

There, Husbie continued for some final purchases at HMV. By the way, if you shop at HMV on Mondays, you get to enjoy 10% off from your purchases. This applies to all the items. If we had bought Husbie's turntable and speakers that day, we would have gotten 10% off. It's OK though. We got good service from the HMV in Central and we didn't want to risk rushing about at the last minute.

We then found some nice items for our dear ol' dads. Also, managed to buy some items Husbie's friend asked for his little boy. Alang-alang, beli sekali for my good friends' children. Thank you Husbie.

Now, back to the hotel for a short nap and to finish packing for home.

Hihi...happy with my haul. Loooooooveee them. I've been eyeing Kotur for quite a while on Insta. To finally get my hands on them and on discount to boot was just icing to my cake.

All nicely wrapped and packed.

Bubye Hong Kong. Till' the next visit!

We decided to drop our bags then go in to have lunch. Rupanyer the counter lambat bukak. So we had to wait a few hours and only then we could go in. By this point, my back was so painful I couldn't breathe. Husbie had to hunt down for sum ketotop patches to put on my back and my sides. I was beyond caring and just lifted my blouse a bit higher without showing my bra so that Husbie could apply the patches. I had five on them on my back and sides in total. Husbie at this point was already starving and his fever had started to take its toll. Luckily nak balik KL dah.

The design reminds me of Issey Miyake's tote
Dah drop bag, terus get through the Gate and head to the Food Court. Lucky for us,we didn't have to wait long for seats. For those of you whom have not been in HK airport, be forewarned that it may be challenging to get dining seats as seatings are scarce and are always full. I chop'ed the seats, Husbie went straight to Popeye's. The only halal place there. Popeye's never tasted so good!

Here, I made the mistake of not making the extra effort to go through the long queue to purchase a bottle of mineral water. All we had with the lunch set was Pepsi and since Husbie was in dire need for panadol, I fed him anyway and he took it with Pepsi. Almost immediately he started shaking. Panic jugak! Aduuuh...

He went to the loo to put on his jacket. Baru ok sikit. 

Since we had a bit more time, singgah lar at the Disney HK outlet. 

There was a slight flight delay, so a bit more time to get some mags, miniature perfumes and chocs. 

Some travel tips


1) Download the MTR app. Really useful for guidance on which line to take . It gives you notification as well if there are any delays on train travel.

2) No visa required to go in HK. However, if you plan to extend your trip to China, make sure you get your visa beforehand.

Upon Arrival

1) Buy the MTR card. Really handy and you can always top up the value.


1) Be reminded that our Customs will randomly flag passengers to check through luggage. 

Despite stating that the things you shopped for is for personal use, they will issue out penalties or tax as according to Customs, there is a quota for each passenger. So cut off your tags beforehand! Also, there's tax for electronics. When the Customs Officer told me they'd have to tax our electronical items, I was livid! I was calm mind you but livid and frustrated.

"Tax aper? GST?"

"No, 30% tax on electrical items."


Lucky for us, we got off with a warning only. Husbie was quiet all the while so I had to take over in dealing with Customs. Aduuuuh, it was almost 1 a.m. and I just wanted to take the Airport Limo asap to go home. So, my take is that if you can wrap it or put it in a nice hand luggage, do so to make it less obvious.

2) Be wary of your surroundings. 

After picking up our luggage at the baggage claim area, the Customs flagged us to go through the scanning machine. Be careful here especially if there are a lot of people going through the scan. 

There were many passengers whom already went through the scan and was waiting at the other end. Then there was this one Indian or Pakistani passenger, kept on picking my luggage at the other end of the scanning machine and putting it in his trolley. When I alerted him that he'd made a mistake and that the luggage was mine, he merely waived to apologise but while I was taking my pink bag out of his trolley, he went on to take the speaker I was carrying which just got through the scanning machine. 

I find it a bit odd that if you've put your own luggage, or even if your friend's luggage from the same group, through the scanning machine, for sure you would have noticed that your friend was not carrying a shocking pink luggage or a speaker in a clear plastic bag. Not your usual 'mistook your luggage for mine' or 'just helping out my friend here' sort of thing. Husbie noticed it and quickly took the bag with the speaker in it from his trolley. Again, I'm not sure if it was a syndicate of any sort or merely an innocent mistake, but it doesn't hurt to be wary at all stages of your travel itinerary, even if you're drop dead tired, suffering through severe back pains or horrible fever at this point.

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