Sunday, 5 July 2015


So today my fever had finally settled in. It began Friday and gradually became a full blown fever despite me guzzling bottles of water to flush out whatever it is that is causing it. My fast and cleaning chores still go on with the help of Husbie. Alhamdulillah and thank you Husbie.

Yesterday we've joined the masses and went to Ikea in the morning as well as the long queues at the check-out counters. Whoopieee...Ikea, please improve your service and counter systems. Mission to buy a nice table for Husbie for his turntable failed. However, we did not go home empty handed. To the tourists in Ikea, please stop going if you just want to tengok-tengok or buy one potted plant alone. We then went home for a power nap before joining the in-laws for the usual breaking fast session.

Today's schedule was packed as well. From one place to another, repairing my sis' iphone to going to the apple store to find out if my lappie is ok and going to the nearby pharmacy for some items. After sending sis to my dad's, went to one of the nearby Uncle furniture shop. Found a nice table, rack as well as a cabinet to store all my plates for everday use for the amount we would have spent for that one table we were eyeing initially as a potential for the turntable.

Just a filler for my blog today. Simple musings of everyday life and routine. Getting ready for the Monday blues and persevere to start the week with a stuffy nose, pulsing headache that my eyes throb in tune with the pulsing headache. Clean house checked. Organised home checked. Happy kitties checked. Happy Husbie checked. Feverish Wifey...urghhh...checked.

Happy Monday guys!

Very nice but we're not sure if we're up to entertaining this year time perhaps


  1. nice plates...should i get some?

    1. Kaaaan? If you feel you'd be entertaining guests for Raya, no harm in adding to your current collection. This was taken in Isetan KLCC masa I kena gi Apple to solve lappie issue...