Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Holiday Mood

Harloo peeps...

Most of you would still be at work today, like moi'. Some dah balik Raya dah pun.

How's your Raya prep? Ok? So-so? Bolehlaaaaa...

Mine? Boleeeehlaaaa

Very important meeting this afternoon but my head is already in the clouds thinking of the things I get to do over Raya and my days off. Fuuuh! Aper-aper bab makan kena control sebab taknak perut mengejut. Also, taknak gemuk terus after Raya. There will be a whole month of feasting at relatives' and friends' open houses. Baru ajer text my Tok Muna. Since dah lama tak jumpa and dapat jumpa balik time kenduri Aunty Zah before Washington, mestilar nak visit Tok Muna and Tok Nyang. Tok Muna is my late grandma's stepsister and Tok Nyang pangkat great grandma lar. Ingat nak pay them a visit soon.

Pagi nih pulak, ada message from old school flame (gedik bebudak sikit time nih). Don't worry yer, no scandal here. Memang generally semua kengkawan and takder aper-aper. Masing-masing happy ngan hidup sekarang. I'm stupid crazy in love with my husband and he and the world know it.

Aper jadi nyer, masa zaman study kat college in Cambridge dulu, ada banyak gambar scenery cantik-cantik and of course, gambar ngan kengkawan college and bf dulu. Hantar balik kat Malaysia, photoshop hilang semua. Dengar kata Baba masa dapat tau, nak saman terus photoshop kat OU dulu. So pagi nih, entah kenapa, bf lama nih godek-godek album lama, jumpa gambar lama and terus message and share.

Masuk tahun nih...gambar tu 13 tahun dulu! Adoi, dah rasa berumur terus. Perasan ajer muda. Hahaha! Tunjuk Husbie, comment macam-macam!

"Macam Pinoy!" (Kughaang asaaam)

" Orang study you bopren mat salleh " (To which I responded and clarified I was TOP STUDENT in college yer... so don't play-play. Study tetap study)

Both of us came to the conclusion maybe my parents took one look at the pictures and just threw them away. Hahaha...sedeyyy...

Ini sidetrack sikit, a bit of a tip and sharing session to segelintir of my readers whom I know are sorting through some issues in their lives. I'm not talking about those yang ada everyday problems and stress situ sini sikit. Those yang faham, bagus lar yer. I hope by me sharing and how I deal with 'it', boleh membantu some of you.

Generally, Raya is not one of those holidays I'm excited for. Too many painful and 'perit' memories. Let's not get into that. My blog is supposed to be a living document of my happy and joyful memories kan? The memory of my late grandma's jelly keras, raya cooking and her famous bubur with different kinds of sambals gets me through. Tapi, memang time nih I akan solemn sikit. Of course, I will get wrapped up in all the excitement i.e. bab shopping, baju raya baru suami etc.

Yes, there are those more unfortunate. Ramai sangat! You can take the whole world and universe's problem in and compare it to yours. It doesn't change the fact that you are going through what you are going through. To each his and her own struggles. I have the right to feel what I feel and to deal with it. Key here, identify and DEAL!!!

Last year efforts to meriahkan Raya tak berjaya. Keluarga tak cooperative. Takper lah, we make the best of things kan. Sejak kahwin, Alhamdulillah Husbie adalar attempt to inject some joy and excitement for the holidays. Tapi macammana pun, memang deep down, ada that 'feeling'.

For those experiencing the same, for one reason or another, either a lost of loved one(s) or other negative incidents, tabahkan hati yer. Embrace that feeling tapi jangan lupa to make the effort to join in the festivities too. Memang susah and kekadang rasa liat, but better try than lay dead. You are still breathing and alive and well. I didn't watch the whole movie but I'd like to remind myself of the Yes Man movie, alaaaa..yang Jim Carrey berlakon tu. Bagus concept dia to make positive and drastic changes in his life.

The key to resolve this...TRY!!! Jangan buat derk and harap everything fall in your lap.

Insya Allah, the festive season will be good for you too.

To my readers, if ada tersalah post, terkasar bahasa or kekurangan, maaf zahir dan batin yer. Kosong-kosong!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Here's my favourite picture turned meme of last year's Raya! Hahaha! Enjoy! Stay positive and well!

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