Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Fake Sleeping - The Art of Gifting

On the eve of my birthday, I was determined to ensure that Husbie does not present me with any gifts. I've asked too much already with the recent expenditure for our new supplements (will share more info about our new supplements and its effects in another post).

Even if he plans to, no way will I be tricked with the usual "switch off lights and surprise wife with gift" routine. Nope, nope...NEVAAAA!

As I had it, luck was on my side. 

He had came home late due to evening meeting which only ended at 9 p.m. 

We had our dinner at home together LATE.

He looked super exhausted.

I was already prepared for bed but I forced him to get off the computer and sleep. Both of us have an early morning the next day.

His eyes were already droopy. He was dozing off and got irritated for every little movement on the bed.

It was past 12 a.m. already. Ok, a tad sad Husbie didn't even wish me "Happy Birthday". It's ok. I guess us wives have to understand there are days our husbands are super drop dead tired that everything goes out the window and sleep is KING. *Sniff* *Sniff*

On the other hand, my plan was a success. 


Ok, he's asleep. Another half hour or more to make sure then I can go to bed.

~~~~~~~~ SWITCH OFF LIGHTS~~~~~~~

Ahhh, blissful sleep.


For those who don't know, I have difficulty sleeping. So when you actually just started to doze off and somebody interrupts your sleep, the feeling is so not nice.

So, my husband faked his sleep. Even had the gall to complain he had to fake it for a long time and was anxiously waiting for me to switch off the lights. 

"Lama giler I kena pretend berdengkur. Dok pikir biler bini I nak tido nih!"

Even more amazing was that he was able to replicate a very convincing string of routinely encored snores.

Hmmm...baguslarrr...Good for you! The Award for Most Convincing Set of Snores goes to you my love!

I was truly happy though albeit a bit disgruntled from my lack of sleep. 

I love clutches and at times whenever we pass a certain section in Isetan, I do browse the corner displaying Moniko a bit longer. To finally own one and add it to my collection is AWESOME! Thank god my husband has nice taste. 

This brand basically reuses vintage kimonos and turns them into gorgeous clutches. You can even go online and enter your Moniko code to get further details on the kimono used for your clutch. 

Isn't that an amazing concept? 

Mine supposedly originated from the 1970s.

I can imagine myself with a white top and jeans and just this clutch for a dash of colour.

Thanks Husbie! Mwaaks! XOXO!

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