Thursday, 30 July 2015

Penang Mali

Alhamdulillah, 2015 is the second year of celebrating Raya as Husband and Wife.

This year it's Husbie's turn i.e. to balik kampung to his side of the family. His parents reside in KL but every year they will return to his mother's side of the family in Penang.

We pushed off somewhere 5'ish in the morning. We had our Sahur in the car on the highway. We weren't surprised to see many cars on the road but the good thing was that the traffic was generally moving.

The worst point in traffic was in Simpang Pulai I think, not sure what's the area called. It is where three lanes converge to two and with high car volume, there was no escaping the traffic. My fast almost went out the window as I was close to puking from being carsick.

Yay,dah sampai Penang. Awesome entrance!

We stayed at one of the Bank Negara resorts in Batu Feringghi. If you've been to Hard Rock Penang, the resort is just right next door. 

Despite not being a BNM staff anymore, having family whom are still with BNM definitely has its perks. Heheh.

A few hours before puasa and visiting his cousins in Jelutong, we made our way to one of the pasar ramadhan. Sorry, I'm not sure where or which road in Penang. 

Recalling my first trip to Penang, I found all the hype about Penang food overrated. However, this time around, I am not sure whether it was because of my fast or my mum-in-law having the know-how on where to go, my initial opinion of Penang food has definitely flipped to the bright side.

The pesembor as depicted in the picture was totally awesome. I was crazy for potatoes throughout my trip in Penang. Husbie's cousins also bought Nasi Kandar Din to break our fast. Writing about it right now makes my tummy growl. Awww maaan!

That night before bed, Husbie and I took some time to prepare the Raya packets. Huawei's raya packets for 2015 are definitely not the conventional cheery colour but I loved how the gold and intricacies of the pattern were nicely reflected against the black base colour.

Read more about my Raya 2015 in my next upcoming post.

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