Friday, 31 July 2015

Nor Your Typical Raya - Part 2

On the drive down to town from Baru Feringghi lar BIL whatsapp'd sebab MIL marah Husbie. Adalah reason MIL yang I thought boleh ajer easily resolved but because of it, my Husband and I got into a huge fight. Sedih sangat, both of us dah lar hungry. Now tengah 'panas' ngan each other. DI HARI RAYA! 

(Big NOTCH there)

Sampai bandar terus gi another relatives house. In-laws were already there but all the men have started driving out to the mosque for Friday prayers. Husbie was lucky that he bumped into one of his cousins and ikut sekali ke Masjid. So, I was left on my own to make my own way up to the flat where his relatives were. 

Masuk-masuk memang muka tebal. MIL was chatting up with her older brother whilst watching TV. Definitely don't want to interrupt. So, the relatives can agak-agak ajerla yer I siapa but of course I was gracious enough to beri salam masa masuk rumah and introduce myself. Masuk rumah orang kot. Walaupun bukan kampung and family sendiri, adab still ada yer. Ingat jaga nama baik suami. Lucky for me, some still recall my face from the wedding.

There, sedara-mara Husbie pelawa makan minum but I minum sikit and makan sebijik kuih dulu. Despite dah banyak kali dipelawa and with my continuous response wanting to wait for Husbie, they continued to invite makan minum. Rather than menyinggung perasaan these nice people, better makan minum sikit lar. Baik sungguh Husbie's Aunt and cousins. I am very lucky to have nice people around me for Raya.

A visit to the washroom, jeng jeng jeng, Bendera Merah berkibar! Lucky for me, I have the car keys, Tapi masa nak turun ke parking lot, time tu lar the men sampai. Husbie dah kasi jelingan maut suruh tunggu and tanya kenapa tak buat tadi. At this point, tahap 'panas' bini kena tamp down puas-puas and bini dok kena explain betul-betul that Laut Merah baru datang melanda and any further delay to take my pad from the car, lagi teruk jadinyer.

Double notch here in the "So Hate Raya" bedpost.

Just Husband and I at the dining table, we only started eating our first Raya meal for the day around 3 p.m. In-laws still kenyang from the first house so we makan lah dulu. 

Another "notch" there. Lebih setengah hari 'berpuasa'.

Masakan rumah Penang best. Ayam piru i.e. turkey masak merah and masak kurma. I find that kurma Penang pedas sikit and with Ayam Piru makan ngan Roti Benggali, perghh, the BEST! Aunty dia baik sungguh, even offered for me to bring some home. I had to graciously decline with many thanks. Dah kenyang and with the plan to visit other relatives takut tak termakan pulak. 

Few hours later, we decided to move on to the next relatives' house. Sebelum tu, sesi menyampaikan duit raya.

The other house is somewhere across the main Penang bridge. Tak ingat aper nama area nih.

It's here where I saw for myself that dua masjid yang berdekatan tapi sebab berparti berlainan dibina. So it's TRUE! I've only heard of them but never believed it. One painted green and the other blue. Supposedly if a person from the other party prays at the other mosque, tak sah! Isssh, tak elokkan tu! Masjid untuk Islam. Party politik set aside.

Sebelum tu, sempat bergambar in my Raya baju. Finally dapat a picture of my full ensemble albeit muka dah melekit and tengah tahan sakit and lenguh.

Please ignore the bag of cookies and focus on my ensemble. 

After makan-makan, smelling like ayam goreng, menahan badan yang lenguh, with my first day of the red flag kaki bengkak and feeling sweaty and sticky, we made our way to two more houses.

Sebelum tu, I got another nice picture with a rustic background. This time ngan suami. Muka sticky and sanggul memang tak ngam, but I don't care. Asalkan dapat gambar elok for options to choose from.

It was at the final house, I broke down. Like tears streaming down hidung merah and all. Cried in the car with Husbie at my side. Memang raya yang berbeza for me. No time to the point tak sempat call my own family pun to wish them Raya. So dissapointed with myself and current circumstances.

Dah puas nangis, finally made the call to my mum. Brief tapi sambil tu ngomel lar.

Kesimpulannyer- SERIK! It was such a stressful time for me. We only returned to the resort 12ish am! Itu pun gerak dulu leaving my in-laws at the final house which they've visited first thing in the morning. 

--------------- END DAY 1, PART 2 -----------------

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