Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Second Day Raya

The second day of Raya was a breeze. All of us took the time to just chill at the resort and only continued to visit relatives after Asar. 

Due to the more 'relaxed nature' of the day, the family finally took the time to pose for a decent picture.

After Isyak, we made our way to Padang Kota for supper. Alang-alang di Penang, jalan-jalan ar. Perghhh, so ramai ar. Raya memang orang sekarang banyak berjalan. We were there cos' MIL wanted to bring her cucu to the Transformers exhibition. It turned out to be a big FAIL as cucu didn't like the noise and wasn't enjoying the crowd one bit. Not to mention it was already past his bedtime.

Plus point, I got a taste of one of the best pesembors in town. The next time I visit Penang, I will definitely voluntarily charge through the crowd in Padang Kota for a plate of their delicious pesembor and sotong kangkung!

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