Monday, 7 March 2016

The Little Things

These days, I don't get too many off days. Unless I decide to be naughty and reschedule my plans and spend some time with Hubs of course.

One morning, I decided to make a simple fare of a breakfast for hubs. Sausages, toast, eggs, baked beans. Husband walked in the kitchen and kantoi'd what I was frying for him in the pan.

"Where did you get that?"

"Arghhh maaan. You weren't supposed to be in the kitchen. Dah lama dah. Got it when I went to New Zealand for my meeting."

He walked out of the kitchen laughing.

Why was he laughing?

Well...cos' I made his sunny side up in a shape of a heart.


This is a picture of his heart-shaped egg with wholegrain toast before plating all those beef sausages (his fave by the way) and baked beans. 

I try to show some love in anyway I can...big, little to the teeniest way I can.

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