Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Dreaded Flu/Fever

These past two weeks, I have been on and off going to classes.

Yes, yes, I KNOW! Exams are super close. So nervous and anxious. Yesterday, I was still thinking about an answer I gave in a Q&A session. Still doubting myself in certain aspects. Hoping to eliminate them by May.

The reason for my tardiness including today's? 

The dreaded fever. Must have caught it earlier from Hubs and only now it's coming on. No flu yet thankfully. Just a slight runny nose but it has stopped for now.

The past one week over, it was Hubs all the way with me on and off. In my case, it was minor  enough. Nothing clarinase or claritine can't fix. Hubs however had the fever/flu full blown thang' going on. Not really a proper excuse but I stayed home to attend to him. On Wednesday, his appetite was back and he was excited to go to the pasar malam that evening for some Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah. I skipped class that day to amuse him, upon his persuasion too of course. Once there, he wanted the same thing I bought which was Assam Laksa. I was happy that finally his fever abated.

Mine however started last night. I thought maybe it was the weather or that time of the month is coming on. My whole body ached so much I think I cried while I was asleep. This morning, it was not even 9.30 am yet and I had gone to the toilet 4 times. 

Hubs was annoyed this morning. He wanted me to skip class on the pretense I was not well when in all honesty it was for another attend a kenduri which was only made known to us last night.

Seriously, if I were to skip my classes because of my fever, it would be to rest at home and not gallivanting at a kenduri looking sickly and desperate for a clean washroom nearby.

"It's so that I can have you nearby?"

Seriously? Logic there is totally misplaced. Just come home quickly after the kenduri and attend to your wife MAN. 

In the meantime, studying at home with the door open so that I don't feel so lonely. Kitties came in and out to see what I was up to. 

Tengah-tengah study, felt as though someone or something was watching me. Then, saw this fella watching my back.


His favourite spot in the study room.

Here's a close up. It's the same picture I posed on Insta.

Ok, break's over. Back to work!

Have a good weekend everybody.

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