Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Long Weekend - THE GOOD AND THE BAD

Hi Everyone...Hope you all had a lovely long weekend.

To my readers who celebrated CNY, hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends not forgetting all those yummy food and traditional dishes. May the Year of the Fire Monkey be a good one for all of us.

A dashing monkey in a suit to boot!

It wasn't even Valentine's but the recent long weekend proved to be very much enjoyable for us HusbieWifey as we got to spend some quality time together. Well, the first two days lar yang best. Tak gi mana pun. Spent our long weekend in KL with no jam, just amongst the holiday crowds in malls/main places tourists go to kill time.

The best was last Sunday where we went to check out Ikea Cheras to buy some household items. It was our first time there and with many being out of town we had no problems parking. There were still many people though so I can't imagine the crowd during any of the usual weekends.

We only go to Ikea after making a list of things we need to buy with some extras i.e. impulse purchases if and when we see fit. Tak main ar jadi tourists in Ikea. Jalan-jalan hassling among the crowd is so not fun. I love to see Hubs assemble items bought. Simple ones of course. Wouldn't want a repeat of continuous cussing overheard from the kitchen when he tried to assemble the metal cabinet the last time.

Did you guys know that for Ikea Cheras, they operate differently in terms of delivery and assembly services? In PJ, you'd only have to wait for one group to deliver and assemble your furniture whereas for purchases made from Cheras, you'd have to wait for two separate contractors/agents for delivery and assembly separately. Haiyooh, cannot keluar rumah lar. Next time buy from Ikea Curve ajerla!

The worst was on Monday of which the effects from the day lasted till Tuesday. I told Hubs I was not in the mood to go jalan-jalan.  NO, NO, NO...don't want to listen to Wifey kan?! After doing our house chores in the morning, waiting for the Ikea people and having our late lunch, I would have preferred to stay home, rest and study. Exam dah dekat. I'm still way behind in meeting my own personal deadline. Well, we don't always get what we want do we???!

Cue my long rant.

Hubs' relatives came from Penang over the long weekend. We were at his family's house everyday. Forget that my bro had his birthday on Monday. Yeah, my bro declined my invitation to go makan-makan as he had plans already but I still wanted to insist for lunch on Tuesday if possible to which I had to forego in the end as well. Reason? You will read it below. If I were to do that to any of his bros Hubs would have surely thrown a fit I am sure. UNFAIR I tell you! I get that we have an obligation to entertain family members and relatives but balance it out please.

Don't worry. This is not the bad bit. The bit that I am holding him accountable till the end of our days is this...

That evening, his parents told us to meet up at KLCC. This was on the pretense that it will not be long and I would still have time to cover at least a bit of my studies that night. Ok. KLCC it is.


One of my seriously MAIN pet peeves is to go somewhere and BERLEGAR. Like seriously just stand around doing nothing! Literally stand AROUND waiting for the Wrath of God or sumin. If cuci mata tengok-tengok survey pun I don't mind OK. Going into shops for nothing! Not surveying, looking out for something in particular or buying anything! TOTALLY FOR NO REASON.

After the huge Tanglung picture session, we took the kids to Toys R Us.

One of the things I highlighted to Hubs was it didn't sit well with me that we brought his less-well-off nephews and niece to Toys R Us. Just like retail bankers KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER and CUSTOMER'S CUSTOMER policy, we should KNOW OUR FAMILY lar. Have a plan. If it was with the intention to purchase and belanja them takper. Not to tengok-tengok. Just went in to entertain the nephew from his own family, whom is better off of course compared to the other nephews, to play at the lego area. Do you know how tiny that area is? To cram all three of his nephews, one niece, other kids and parents manning the kids in that small corner of the toy store for sure cannot lar.

One particular observation I relayed to Hubs was how one of his nephews was holding a medium sized Minion Plush toy. Holding it and telling his mum it's Rm19.90. No, it wasn't ok. Mum told him to put it back cos' it's actually RM199. Luckily, secretly Hubs and I already bought some Legos from Bricks Store for the boys and a plush toy for the little girl the day before but were only to give it to them that night. Again, not the so-bad bit.

After, we spent a good half hour to 40 minutes just standing around in front of Toys R Us debating where to go next. I was already sitting down on the floor. Not long as FIL and BIL came over to enquire. Final decision, MITSUI! Arghhh!!! SO FAR! To bring the relatives jalan-jalan! Ok, still not too bad. Neither of us had been to Mitsui as yet. The worst was yet to come as after Mitsui the plan was to have dinner at Bagan Lalang. I have my suspicion on whose brilliant idea it was to go there especially when it was close to 6pm when we reached Mitsui. Should have gone straight to Bagan Lalang from KLCC. But NOOOOOOOO.

Upon reaching Mitsui, we spent over an hour of sitting on the bench doing I-SWEAR-I-DON'T-KNOW WHAT. I didn't even go into the shops, just window shopped as we passed by the shops. The sales were OK but I wasn't looking for anything in particular. The relatives too seemed blur to kill time. Most of us spent our time on the bench in Mitsui. I'd rather have brought them somewhere where the kids could play about.

Whilst sitting on the bench, we tried to hurry all to leave for Bagan Lalang. Even suggested other places to go to. With a party of 12 people it would be no easy feat to get a table. When we relayed info that the wait in Bagan Lalang could take up to two hours if we're late, those who had not been there took it as us exaggerating info. NOOOO, don't want to believe us right? We left around 7'ish, through the jam, and reached Bagan Lalang close to 9pm.

Total time spent in Bagan Lalang, 20 blardy bleepin' minutes! AFTER AN HOUR'S DRIVEEEEE FROM MITSUI!!!!!  After observing for themselves the massive crowd there, they declared as "Takder Harapan" and debated where else to go.

Oh no, don't believe the people who had been there right? We're just exaggerating right? Sometimes, you just have to let them experience it themselves to believe it. Well, it should not have been at the expense of those who had experienced it before and with kids in tow. Through the jam and not well lit areas some more. Nasib baik budak tak ngigau.

So to save the day, Hubs suggested we head to Saba'a in Cyberjaya. Kids were already asleep by the time we reached there. Dinner time was 10:45pm for us.

Hooray ... (Sense the sarcasm here please).

Even then Hubs wanted everyone to be seated first before ordering. Here, I had to put my foot down and forced him to order and add on later if necessary. The restaurant closes at 1130pm.

We reached home close to 1am. The whole night my body ached and I was in pain whilst sleeping.

Next day, FEVER for me please!Ding!

Urghhhh...bad enough I didn't get my roti boom at the place I wanted that morning. We went to his family home and stayed there from morning till past 2pm. Whilst there, I couldn't take it anymore and had to go upstairs to sleep off my medication.

Total of TWO days wasted. Still want to cry whenever I think of it.

So leaves me 3 days with some serious cramming session minus this hour of blogging.

So, got fooled twice with "Jalan-Jalan" episode. The first was where we got stuck in the Thaipusam procession in KL sometime last year. Nasib baik tak cirit time tu. Dah sakit perut but tahan wei.

For sure, when I have kids, I shall not entertain such jalan-jalan session with no plans. I'm game for jalan-jalan but dekat-dekat where it would be convenient for me and the children. Budak nak tukar pampers, tido, minum susu and makan on time, merengek with Mummy frustrated as the minutes go by would not be an ideal combo. Just hope then we all have our priorities in mind when suggesting places to go.

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