Friday, 12 February 2016

Time to Cook

Remember the frozen seafood we bought from KK?

Well, among them included a bag of mantis shrimps. I've never cooked one before. I googled for recipes and found two that was kind of doable sans some ingredients I didn't have at the time.  

I was absolutely intimidated by the size. There were three of them in a bag so I decided to first experiment with the largest one.

" How the bleep do I cook this thing? It's bleeping huge!!!" 

"Look at it?"

"Do I cut it? How laaaar?"

All my watsapps with pictures were greeted by Hubs I dunnos and lots of LOLs.

Google was my saviour. Turns out to dispose of the dirt sack is similar to how you would do for  shrimps.

Yes, I'm about to cook an alien life form. It's bigger than my face!


This is Hubs fave picture by the way. On two different occasions he resent the pics from work to emphasise that this is his all time favourite picture.

Hubs gave an A+ for my first, ONE AND ONLY, attempt for Butter Oat Mantis Shrimp. Please google the recipe as I didn't have all the ingredients needed and had to combine two different recipes and just winged it. Luckily it turned out ok.

The remaining two mantis shrimps will most likely be steamed and eaten with butter sauce. 

Yup Yup...This Mak Cik knows how much work went into it.

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