Monday, 22 February 2016

Healthy Eating

Lately, I've been forcing my healthy eating habits at home. Well, trying to would be a more apt description of my efforts.

Since Hubs was ill and I was off and on ill as well during the weekend, what better time to go healthy right?

First, no more mixed white rice and brown rice. I was too lazy to go through all that effort. We went all the way with brown rice to much of Hubs' dismay.

Next, chicken soup. Using only lean meat and those I've already boiled to get rid of the fat. Loaded the soup with plenty of veggies too.

Then, came Sunday. Salad for late lunch. No snacking. Hubs was already pissed by this time.

"Boring ar all this healthy stuff!"

After our lunch, I went to our front yard to hang some clothes. Came back in to find Hubs in the kitchen wiping the floor.

"What happened?"

"Botol sos cili pecah. Dah you letak kat corner tu I tak nampak, jatuh, pecah ar"

Haizzz...he was trying to take out the snacks from the cupboard and in the process broke the unopened bottle of Life Chilli Sauce.

I felt totally bad ok. I may be able to withstand a bit of starvation to get to our goals but it seems Hubs is not ready yet.

"Come...I'll cooked some scrambled eggs"

"I don't want anymore healthy stuff"

I cooked it anyway and shared it with him. Gave the excuse I was feeling munchy. Even put a bit of butter to cook the eggs with for taste. At the same time assured him that what he got was not the healthy version. If it was, it would have been only egg whites, less salt and cooked with no oil or just a dollop of it.

How do I make clean and healthy eating more interesting?

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