Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine Breakfast

It was too lovely of a Sunday to spend most of my day cooped up in class.

Plus, it's Valentine's.

So, I skipped my Evidence my Husband's delight.

Feeling partly guilty and partly elated for being able to spend our lovely Sunday together, we decided to keep the day simple.

We started off our Valentine's with breakfast at Levain's that morning. 

I love the smell of freshly baked pastries in the morning! I can feel my thighs expanding from just smelling those awesome sugar and butter coated carbs!

Look but don't touch!

It was these chocolate chip bread or the danish pastries.

Croissants anyone?

Look at those Octopus buns.

Me with my English tea.

By 1030am, we were done with breakfast. We felt it was too early to go home so we headed to Pavilion to kill time. 

Made a minor purchase at one of the shops in Pavi and with the shop's Valentine promo, got a free Teddy Bear keychain. Since hubs paid for the purchase, I was keen in displaying my appreciation and love by immediately hanging that said teddy bear on my Anya.

"Just for today yer! Spoil the bag's classy look"

Ermmm...dictate much...

Noonish, we were already home with my head buried in my Criminal Law books.

To avoid the Valentine dinner crowd, we continued our celebrations at Menate and by Maghrib we were already done with dinner. 

Though simple, both of us enjoyed our simple lazy Sunday. 

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