Monday, 14 March 2016

Heat Wave

How are you all managing the heat wave?

I think most of us can expect the electric bill to increase exponentially with the fan and air-condition on most of the time. Where you can, try not to go out.

Running errands this morning was no picnic. It was just 10'ish and it was already blazing hot akin to the noonish heat. 

My laundry gets all crisp and dry quickly these days though so that's a plus.

Here's a picture of Stewie taking advantage of our air-conditioned room.

The rest of our house are only equipped with the usual ceiling fan. We're now contemplating getting one standing one so that we can either place it in the living room while we watch TV, bring it upstairs for guests or bring it to the study room while I dive into my books. 

Studying in this heat is soooo not fun either.  No, I'm not making excuses. Ok, maybe a little. But seriously I can't be sweating while trying to shove all those Orders and Acts in my brain. Urghh...

Stay indoors, limit outdoor activities and drink lots of water peeps. Supposedly, this hot spell will be worse this 20th due to the equinox phenomenon. 

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