Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Right after my work out session this morning, I felt even more determined to grab life by the balls and make life even more better. Perhaps from all the 'torture' this morning, coupled with my Sia jam on the drive home, I feel all fired up.

A lot has been planned for 2016. Many of them are on track as well. There are days when I'm all geared up, there are days I feel like giving up. I have come to terms that there are good days and there are bad days. It's normal. The important thing is to not give up and spend too much time dwelling on those feelings and just keep moving.

This week has been emotional for me. 

A lot of rehashing my past with dire emotional setbacks. The pain will never go away. The difference is that I don't feel as lonely as much these days and Hubs is always there to drag me back here to NOW and push those sad times back deep inside.

Working out has definitely helped out a lot as well. However, my progress in losing weight is still slow. 

All will be good. Get it done NOW. Do it my way and on my own terms.

Here's a picture of my free Milo I got this morning with my breakfast. Supposedly, Subway is having a free hot drink with breakfast only for this month. Before, you'd have to add RM1 for drinks with their breakfast set. 

Irrelevant picture to my post today but I don't really like writing posts without pictures.

Take in every little good thing and love it...love LIFE.

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