Friday, 31 August 2012

A wedding on merdeka night

A cousin of mine described the wedding as not just " a night of joy for the newly married couple, it's more like rekindling a family relationship- with my long- time-no-see cousins".

True to that sista!!! Jumpa lagi very soon k?

With my uncle and cousins...through him I received the answer to a long unanswered question...revelation people!

With aunties and cuzzies...please excuse my camera phone. Bawak camera tapi in all the hulla baloo bukannyer nak keluarkan from handbag...sheessh

Chupppp..I dah book little cuzzy to be future flower girl! Lucky mummy and daddy dia  tengah sibuk melayan other relatives. Sure nak contract and what not...heheheh

Again, sorry for the poor quality photo

Glad I still look good in my Jeanne by Jovian RTW. Although tak sempat nak alter and nampak a bit longgar, I was still happy with what I wore. Coupled it with an Ola bracelet and a hairclip from Fennel. Also, observe that I am wearing shoes. Flats of course. This is the second time I wore a pair since my injury.
My cousins, sis and I all together again


  1. Hi Jannah, glad that u hv a blog. a great way to keep in touch :)

    1. Yes, please do come visit often. Keep in touch Kak Nur!

    2. Yay..keep in touch everyone! kikiki :))