Sunday, 25 November 2012

On my own

Boyfie is out of town so I went to the nearby shopping mall to pick up my rm100 voucher. The pick up deadline is end of the month but I have up till end year to use the voucher. Saving it till then....

So to get my RM3 parking fee's worth, I went window shopping and browsed through things I may get end-year where the sales will be at its peak.

Went in Charles & Keith, saw this super cute shoe in the colour I soooo wanted. Of course, my size is no longer in stock. The only pair within the collection that still had my size was this yellow one...

Tried it on...ok, I know I shouldn't at the risk of aggravating my injury but I just wanted to see whether my right foot could fit in the shoe. It did! I just stood there in front of the mirror...happy that after a year, no salesgirl or salesman was laughing at me because my other foot could not fit. My swelling did not hinder the fit...but my veins started to pop super pop out...'harry potter, voldemort is sorta near' kinda nyot nyot...and the sole of my right foot just couldn't settle with the arch. In fact, my foot automatically 'senget' on the heel. Wonder why? (Have to check it with physiotherapist).

In the end, I had to forego the purchase and wait another day to buy that special heel that will become my first heel post-ligaments-injury (p.l.i).

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