Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's at D' Paku Little Malaya Kitchen

With the busy week we both had, we were too tired to get stuck in traffic jams and definitely not in the mood to spend money needlessly out and about with prices being hiked up like crazy. Not wanting to be another of the countless victims of the commercial clap trap of Valentine's, we enjoyed our Saturday just doing our menial chores, chilling in front of the TV, catching up on our reading, keeping the house clean and having breakfast together. However, we both agreed to have dinner nearby minus the jams, frustration of finding parking and hiked prices.

The chosen place for the night was D' Paku Little Malaya Kitchen. We've passed this place many times. In fact, right after the Aussie Dinner I previously attended a few weeks ago, I accompanied my husband to have his dinner here. He was pleased with his order hence worth another visit, this time with his hungry wife in tow.

D'Paku is a family-owned restaurant located in UP1/8, Ukay Perdana which serves Kelantanese food during the day and western dishes at night. They close on Sundays. 

It's one of those places I would deem as a family oriented place and people can come and go in a relaxed manner. No need to dress up or anything. Very much a laid-back and chilled place. 

The food is excellent and definitely pricing is reasonable. We both had the black pepper steak and were happy with the serving. It's another place where I find the black pepper sauce does not overpower the palate.

Service is good and the people are friendly. So come over and sample their selection of dishes.

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