Sunday, 15 February 2015

Found It!

"Jannah, I dah jumpa your old wedding invitations. They were in the boxes in Baba's room."

"Dah agak dah! Awesome, just keep them for me. Nanti when I get there I'll pick them up"

I've been searching for my old wedding invitations for almost a year. I've dug through most of my old boxes from my move in storage. Months back, I was watching Romantika or something of the like on TV (Can't really recall the TV programme), and the nice lady was browsing through her wedding photos. At the back of the album, she actually kept her old wedding invitation. Awfully sweet of her.

First thought, S***, I should have done that.

Aper lagi...Called my sis, asked her to check on her end while I checked on mine. Luckily Husbie's old wedding invitations are still well kept in his book cabinet at the in-laws. Will have to pick them up soon.

Now that I have them...

Maybe I should laminate them first. Wouldn't want the print to stick in the album. Then I can just slid it behind the sheet of paper covering the pictures...


I can frame them? That would be a nice option.

Any other ideas on how best to keep them? What did you do with yours?

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