Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Go-Ahead

I swear, twice in my adult life, was I actually ever scared in the hospital. One of those times includes today's appointment with the orthopedic. I've conveyed my decision to the doc and after examining my leg further did he realise that I will need more than the initial three blood ampules. Therefore, I will need to upgrade my stemcell package and obviously the price goes up with it. Never had I been sooooo in LOVEEE with the organisation I'm working with currently.

During the consultation, the doc reminded me that the PRP is still in it's early stages of development. No guarantees but most of his patients whom have gone through this procedure prefers PRP and healed better than your usual surgery. At the same time, he posed the option that maybe I should consider SURGERY!!! He made my ankle and foot sound like a piece of steak..."Oh, you'll have a cut from here to here..and I'll reconnect your torn ligaments...: >________________< I felt like crying throughout the consultation. In fact, he wanted to give me one injection on the spot due to inflamed sumin sumin...

The procedure will take place this Thurs. The doc, the blood guy, the StemTEch dude, nurses and physio, all have the same message, I will definitely be in pain...Oh God, give me strength...

p.s. My convocation in UIA is this Sat...Should I walk up the stage with crutches or wheel in to take my cert? Arrgghhhh!!!

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