Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Kitty Rescue

It was the Friday after Eid Al-Adha. Whilst most were on leave,  I was given the honour of manning the office for a potential meeting that evening.

I wasn't in the mood for Mamak food that morning. So, I went to the only Kakak stall which was opened for breakfast. Whilst waiting for my turn, I couldn't help but look at this white kitty lounging about near the stall. The tail was fluffy and it looked lost i.e. not really sure how to fend for itself. Plus, I've never seen her here before.

I went near her and she didn't run away. The Uncle cleaner nearby gave her some kibble and she was munching away despite having other cats eyeing her portion. She was so hungry that she even chased kibbles which rolled into the grassy patch. I took pics of her and sent it to my friend. Without my knowledge, at first, she even went to put in up on her timeline. What surprised me was that many were eager to adopt her.

So, after work, I went in search for her. Within 5 minutes, I found her taking refuge from the sun under a car. Overnight, we fostered her and the next morning I passed her on to her new family. 

Initially, I thought it was a case whereby she got dumped after giving birth to kittens and the usual 'keep kittens throw mummy' case. It turned out that after a visit to the vet, she's actually mid-way towards her pregnancy. So, the new family will have to find homes for the kittens soon.

What I'm trying to get here is that those who commit to have pets, please understand that your pet is an extension of your family. It is a lifetime commitment. If let's say you can't keep it, take responsibility and find a new loving home with owners who can commit. Believe it or not, animals do have feelings and emotions. For those with children, not only can they teach children to understand and develop empathy but also responsibility that goes to taking care of your extended family.

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