Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sokong siapa?

Most of us this morning were all hyped over Brazil's loss with Germany. I, though for one not really into football, am keen to see who will be the winner of the 2014's World Cup.

A scene at the office this morning:

T****  : Husband you sokong siapa? (Who does your husband support?)

Moi'     : Dia suka both teams. Tapi sedey ar Brazil kalah. (He supports both teams. Nonetheless, saddened that Brazil lost)

T**** : You sokong siapa? (Who do you support?)

Moi'    : I tak sokong mana-mana team. I sokong tido... (Neither. I prefer sleeping)

Heheh... have fun watching the remainder of the World Cup guys. Lepas nih pulak English Premier.

Selamat Berpuasa too! May your Ramadhan be as meaningful and fulfilling as mine!

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