Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Some self-reflection

Since last year and up till today, I have been contemplating with some major ideas on change(s) in my life. Oh my god, I can tell you I am scared shitless in making that leap but I guess it's normal. I don't know how things will turn out but I am definitely hoping for the best this year. I have been mulling over the issue (s) many times, asking myself from simple basic questions to those bordering to the philosophical. Most I don't even know the answer to. So much time wasted over the issue (s).

And lately, I have been getting a lot of signs from HIM...or it may just be all in my head and think everything that happens is a sign...Haha..

This morning, it got me recalling to a certain task we had to do during one of the courses I had attended. We were given a task to build the tallest tower using spaghetti, tape and one marshmallow. Many of the teams managed to do it but not at the optimum level we would have wanted within the limited time. At the end of the task, we were showed a video regarding an assessment done on the same task given to a set of kindergarten children and a set of professional adults with no background in engineering or architecture. Let's just say, it turned out that the children executed the task way better than the set of professional adults. Why? Well, it is because the adults literally THINK TOO MUCH and the children were just there doing it, keeping it simple and focusing on the task. I tried to find the video but couldn't get it. If you watch TED, you'd find one on the same task but proving a different point. Will update you guys once I manage to get a hold of it.

So, to summarize, I think the best way to get over it is to ask yourself what the child in you would have decided on...and to remember to keep it simple...

For now, I am gonna go downstairs and make the BEST MAGGI EVER!!! Enjoy your last day of the long CNY weekend peeps... :)

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