Sunday, 22 January 2012

In the Year 2012, I will...

Harloo peeps,

Sorry for not publicly posting my new year's resolutions sooner. Well, I guess I'm still on time if you count it as a CNY's resolution...heheh (cheeky, I know).

Before I begin, let me just start by telling you how I managed my first week back at work. Generally, OK. Everyday, I would have to ice-pack my foot. I feel even more tired at the end of the day. The traffic jams gave me pains everyday. Yesterday, I got bullied by my physiotherapist. Gawd, I came in with my crutches but had to be wheeled out of the rehab centre to my car. No pain, no gain right? Hope I will walk normally again soon.

So, back to my new year's resolutions. For those of you who know me, you'll notice I have not included any travelling destinations this year. I figure with my injury, I better focus on things closer to home. Further more, with whatever BUMPS I endured last year, I'd rather focus on me this year. Major overhaul needed...

In the Year 2012. the year of the Water Dragon, I will...
  1. Learn to walk again. Doc has given me hope for a fast recovery and I hope to get back on my own two feet soon minus the crutches. I miss my circuit training and doing things by myself.
  2. Execute my departmental transfer a.s.a.p. This has been in the pipeline since last April. Delays and more delays...not on my part. Hope it goes through by end month. 
  3. Make Jojo fatter
  4. Wear more colour...beyond just black clothes. My first week back at work has proven to be colourful. All I have to do now is maintain my colourfulness...
  5. Take better care of my appearances. This includes wearing make-up to work and dates as well as establishing a better skin care application regime in my daily routine.
  6. Lose 7 kg. Respect your body, respect yourself.
  7. Be kinder to myself. Truly, I am not sure how to do this. I guess my first step is to accept the person I am?
  8. Surround myself with those who care about me and distance from those whom are destructive. I realise that I have many issues which will never be resolved. I've done what I can but to no avail. It is high time I focus on me be happy, to not let others ruin me and to find peace. I will not be destroyed by people who do not want to be saved or by those who savour my failure(s) and suffering.
  9. Master the art of folding shirts the Japanese way. Something I've always wanted to do...:) 
  10. Plant a flower/herb/tree. I have to find something that cats aren't allergic to...research has begun...
  11. Attend an art class. I have contacted the art centre's principal last week. She will get back to me after CNY.
  12. Get MARRIED!!! 

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