Monday, 16 January 2012

It's GOOD to be BACK, babeeeeyyyy

Today was my first day back in the office. The journey to and fro the office was horrendous given that I had to manage the brakes many times to get through the rush hour. Ice packing my foot as I am typing my entry for today. My foot is aching like a B***H!!!

First item on the agenda upon my arrival was to clear the issue of my parking arrangements to suit my current medical condition...DONE! I can tell you, my organisation is SOOOOO not disabled friendly. Then called the relevant persons directly to facilitate my departmental transfer A.S.A.P...W.I.P. Will continuously follow-up on the matter until I get the results I am satisfied with.

Coming back to the office after my long MC and observing how cluttered my desk was made me think of feng-shui proofing my workspace. So I started off by deleting all my old e-mails including those archived as I don't see the use in referring to them anymore. I've transferred all my work to my office colleague since July last year and completed all remaining assigned tasks in the second half of the year. No point in keeping those e-mails which have been properly filed in hard copy and will be of no use to me soon. Next, the workspace itself. My GAWWDDD, I had so much old docs, research papers and piled up files around me. No wonder not much positive energy could flow in last year!!! Well, that's taken care of. Since I won't need them anymore and they are just copies for my own personal reference, I was confident it was OK to proceed in shredding them. Decluttering my desk was very therapeutic indeed! Tomorrow I will definitely continue in feng-shui-ing my workspace.

"I don't care! I nak DRAGON golek-golek atas meja I this year!"

For those who wish to welcome and encourage positive energy in their workspace, here are some tips I manage to Google a short while ago:

  • It is not advised to have your back to the entrance of the office.Feng Shui demands that you know what's going on behind your back.If you are constrained due to office placements, what I found out is that you can place mirrors or metal objects in front of you to reflect the goings on behind you.
  • Have air-purifying plants/ photos of happy moments/ bright and inspiring art. These will carry in positive chi...Ohhh, and avoid having a cactus as it attracts negative energy into the workspace.
  • Have a clear organisation system. GET RID OF CLUTTER. CLUTTER = CHAOS+ STRESS+ ANXIETY. This includes removing unnecessary items; dirt and dusts; and piled-up files.
  • Confused about career options? Put a World Map on your wall.
  • Choose proper colours to promote career and wealth. These includes red, yellow, purple, chestnut and blue.

Happy Chinese New Year to my peeps!!! And those who don't celebrate it, Happy Long Weekend! Wohooooo....

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