Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Check-up before the Green Light

From my last PRP session, Doc indicated he will let me go to work on the 16th. So, today, before starting my first day back at work next week, Doc wanted to do one more round of check up before officially letting me out of the coral so to speak.

" You have plantar fasciitis"
" Say what now??? Planta inflatia?"
" It's basically an inflammation to the bottom of the foot. You need an injection"
" What happens if I don't get the injection? Doc, I swear my whole right leg has developed spider senses whenever you come near my kaki. My bulu roma semua naik with the near mention of injections...Trauma tau...TRAUMAAA"
" me Jannah" (pat pat on my head)..." You'll feel better after this. It won't be so painful. Plus, I'll give you some local anesthetics. Saras...hold her hand"
"Saras, you jangan senyum-senyum. I takut nih"
Saras, the nurse, trying very hard not to laugh...

So, I got the injection. One shot to the sole of my foot. Not as bad as the PRP. Still slightly painful none the less.

Before going off for my physio, Doc strictly reminded me to make sure I wear my ankle support, crutches and bring the letter for the Bank admin on my current necessities to be arranged for my comeback next week.

*Pictures of my foot post the injection and me going through my strengthening exercises will be uploaded as soon as I find my phone cable*

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