Monday, 2 January 2012

Some BEFORE and AFTER pictures

Embok came over yesterday to assist with the spring cleaning. She always does an amazing job. She's been with the Ghazali clan for ages. I still remember her standing near the sink and scaring my little sister with a piece of kaki ayam to ward her off from the kitchen. Even after my loving grandmother passed on, she still comes over to clean the aunties' houses. That's why whenever she says things like "Yelar. Awak tu gemuk. Dah jatuh lagi lar parah kaki nyaaaa" or other statements on how fat I am nowadays, I brush it off. And of course while all these cleaning are being done, I couldn't stay still. Although I shouldn't be moving at all, I tried my best in doing some cleaning and organising. Result? That night I had to sleep with two ice packs on my right foot.


The room looked like a tornado went through it...

Lola and Mango happily helping out 

Embok mopped the floor so clean that it was shining

Sheets being hung to dry

My newly bought bed sheet from Jusco

Check out the original price

Check out the AFTER LESS price...AWESOME kan??? Only in JJ bebeh

Lola tukang rasmi

Post-rasmi by moi'

Things are a little bit less messy...the only thing left for me to do is to sort things in its proper place

Still W.I.P.

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