Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Japanese Proverb

" We learn little from victory, much from defeat"

Stumbled upon it while watching the war documentaries last night. 

When things are down, just remind yourself of this Japanese proverb. It can apply across all kinds of situations. It can lift up the spirits of those who are suffering from a downfall be it in family, marriage or career. There is no shame in failing in anything. Yes, cry, hit and throw things if you must, RANT! BE ANGRY!


Be patient in facing the difficulties life has dealt you,
Remind yourself of the good things you still have before you forget you actually have them,
Stand up and hold your head up high as to not give people the advantage of relishing your downfall,
MOVE ON...take the bad and the good from the situation, forgive but DON't forget...
Finally, keep on smiling. Those expecting your failure HATES it when you're still smiling despite the SH** you've been through...

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