Friday, 21 October 2016

Lunch at Greenhouse by Muir

It was close to a year till both my friend and I finally decided and get to meet.

Lama weeeihh...

And the location of choice?

Greenhouse by Muir.

I didn't know there was such a place nearby. Selalu gak pass by biler lalu Gleneagles. For those who are interested, it's located exactly next to Gleneagles, Ampang. 

The reason we chose this place was we both wanted to sample their red velvet waffle with fried chicken. Sounds interesting right? Well, too bad we went on a weekday. Only upon arrival, we were informed that it's only served during weekends for breakfast. 


But alang-alang dah sampai, and both of us belum pernah makan sini, we went ahead and had our lunch here as initially planned.

I love how the building stands out among the trees. Steel meets a bit of nature...just a tad bit. Not too many trees surrounding it.

So on the ground floor, they serve Japanese. 

Do you like oysters?

Look how pretty the fish is. Eyes are clear. It means it's fresh right?

The selection of Japanese food to choose from.

Fish heads and octopus.

There are those pre-packed for those on the go.

The selection at the Japanese Pastry shop are very tempting too.

Macha Croissant anyone?

Droooooool...(waist and hips screaming Nooooo while I drool)

Ooh, there's also a florist on the ground floor. Famous gak dengar kata.

On the 1st floor they serve Tex-Mex dishes. The place we opted to have our lunch.

Nampak bestkan? This is the red velvet waffle. Alas, tatap wajahmu ajer lah Red Velvet Waffle. Next time round.

To start off, we opted for the deep fried cheese cubes served with lemon dip. Ayoyooo...sedaps tapi bagi yang nak berdiet, buang idea tu jauh-jauh luar tingkap k?

Beef quesadillas. Not bad.

Nyumms...make way for the Buttermilk fried chicken with two sides. For the sides, we had grits and mac and cheese. Sinful yet satisfying.

We also managed to try their beignets for dessert. 

Hmm...unfortunately nothing special. However, I think the head waitress noticed we were first time visitors and was asking how our meals were. We gave an honest opinion, highlighting that the beignets fell short of our expectations. 

You know what she did?

She apologised and took it out from our bill. Informed us they will improve next time and thanked us for our honest views. That's tip top customer service babes!

Korang jangan ar nakal gi melantak semua and kata semua tak sedap to get a free meal. 

In our case, it was evident we didn't touch the beignets as much. Both of us had a bite of our beignets and letak balik. Too doughy. The sugar was fine and coated the dough fairly though.

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