Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Kylie's Lip Kit- Ginger

A friend just came back from a long holiday from the States. With her, she managed to bring home a small bulk of Kylie Lipkits. So, during one of our recent meet-ups, each in our group bought one lipkit from her. I was tempted to buy 3 in one shot but thought better for me to try the kit first.

So during the recent weekend, I finally officiated my lipkit.

The shade I bought was Ginger. The shade is described as a warm terracotta brown. More towards the nude side. I don't have nude shades in my lipstick collection so thought I'd better give it a go. 

For those who don't know what Kylie Lipkits are, one of her lipkits comprises a set of one pencil liquid lip liner and one matte liquid lipstick.

And what better way to test it out than against our Malaysian dishes.

This is how the shade looked before our Sunday breakfast. 

I love how creamy and matte it felt on my lips and somehow it made my lips look fuller. Easy to apply on. Definitely different from the usual shade of lipsticks I'm used to.

Nasi Dagang for breakfast. 

Note that no matter how matte any lipstick claims to be, oil still wins. So Kylie's lipkit supposedly is a bit more difficult to rub off.  So much so that you would have to apply the make-up remover a few times before it actually comes off.

Let's see how it went, shall we?

Well, it did come off a bit...Buuuut

The lipkit pretty much stayed on...yay! A tad lighter but still there.

After some jalan-jalan/weekend chores sesh with Hubs, we proceeded for Sunday lunch at my mum's. Home cooked Nasi Lemak is always awesome.

Noonish, post-Nasi Lemak lunch, it came off...

However, towards the evening, I felt that my lips were a bit dry. Upon checking on the camera phone, I found out that part of the lipkit was still on. I say part because I'm not sure whether it was the shade from the lip liner or the actual matte lipstick that was still on my lips. 

My lips were a bit crackly and dry by the end of the day and easier to remove than how I initially expected.

Please forgive my exhausted look. This was taken while waiting for my Hubs at the barber's.

In conclusion, I love it. It definitely stays on but at the end of the day, like all matte lipsticks, it would leave your lips a bit dry. Nothing like a good routine of lip scrubbing and moisturising to help maintain kissable lips.

However, due to accessibility issue and pricing wise, I'd rather just pop to the nearest Sephora and get myself one of Kat Von D's matte everlasting liquid lipwands. Cheaper and easier to get (depending on the shades available for purchase of course...that is one major con about Kat Von D's..boohoo...bummer). With Kylie's, you'd have to rush online to get your hands on them, only available in US bla bla bla...leceh sikit lar bebs. But if you can get a hand on her lipkits, definitely a good addition to your make-up collection.

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