Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sunday brunch with the Make-make Girls

As do most people, I have several whatsapp group chats representing different groups of loved ones whom I try to meet up as often. Schoolmates, Uni friends, Work colleagues, Family members, etc. It is definitely a good and easy way to keep in touch and gather certain groups of friends to meet up that jive with each other and all. Too large a group usually makes it difficult to get the most suitable time to meet up.

On this particular Sunday, it was a meet up with the Make-make girls. Make- make girls? Yes, as in make-make (Makan-makan in Kelate slang) girls.

S recommended Dua in TTDI.  It's situated in the same row as Ismail and right above Domino's. Food were not bad at all. They serve a selection of Malay dishes and desserts. The pricing is also good given their large portion. I give an A for the authenticity of their local dishes. They didn't lose that essence of our local dishes like most new hyped places.

I ordered the Soto. Terkezuts once I saw how big the bowl was. Yes, I tak habis. I tried though...oh how I tried.

S, J and I i.e. the Make-make girls. 

Once we were done for brunch, S suggested we move along to Foo Foo, TTDI for dessert. Perut dah nak meletup but if dok rasa-rasa and share-share ok lar.

Choc and orange combo is always good. Don't exactly remember the name of the dessert. Those white bits are candied nuts by the way.

With awesome desserts at Foo Foo, no girls would leave unhappy.

S happily snapping at my jakun reaction. That Hot Choc is to die for by the way.  So rich with a dash of spice.

Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream on Strawberry Tart. Again, sorry, I didn't memorise the exact name of the dessert. It was awesomely lovely. 

You can also see how rich my hot choc was.

Side profile of the ice cream and strawberry tart. 

We were laughing and chatting most of our Sunday away sampai lupa dah kahwin kot. Got a call from Hubs asking when I was coming home cos' he was already hungry. Jahatnyer BINIE!!! Tak BERHATI PERUT!

Yer lar, gatal kan offer tapau Nasi Tomato from Dua for him. That was for BRUNCH. Balik pukul 3 petang pulak bini dia! Sorry yer Sayang! Lama tak jumpa the girlies.

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